About Us

Will is an entrepreneur who loves to buy and sell goods and make money. He started when he was only 14 years old sourcing products and importing them. He turned his $2,500 investment into $10,000 in just one week at Christmas in 2015 and followed it up with $70,000 in sales the following year.  He continues to grow his business through pop up shops and online e-commerce platforms.

When sourcing products, the only requirement is they must be fun! hence WillBeFun

Will also wants to share his simple easy importing system with other like minded entrepreneur's and business people and show them how easy it is to import. 

Will and his Mum Lisa take people on a 7 day trip to China where they show you their easy system they have developed to source products directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers and import them back home to make some more money. Check out www.iwillimport.com if you would like further information.