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ON-OFF LAMP Rechargeable Night Light Yellow


The Light is the Switch.

Do you struggle to find a light switch at night and don't wish to wake the whole house with a blinding bright light?

This oversized On/Off switch is easy to operate and has 2 functions for brightness. Use the low light for finding your way, feed the baby or use as a night light for the little ones...

It is smooth to touch and hold and the rocking motion make it very easy to use....

It can be placed within easy reach on the bedside table, kitchen bench, bathroom or even take camping to light up your tent. The low light is very easy on the eyes and the you can read with the high light..... 

The low light can last up to 28 continuous hours where the bright light will last up to 4 hours before a recharge is required making it a must to have in your house.


2 light modes, high and soft

Gentle LED light is easy on the eyes but bright enough to see

Energy saving, and a long life span.

Lightweight and compact, easy to carry when travelling.

Easy USB charging.

Can last 4 continuous hours in “bright light” mode and 28 hours in “soft light” mode.

Recharges with a USB port, simply plug the fixture into the wall and it will recharge in two short hours.



Colour: White or Yellow light

Material: ABS (Base) + HIPS (Cover)

Size: 190mm x 62mm x 96mm

Weight: 200gms

Power Supply: built in 450mAh

Input: 5v 500mA

Light Source: LED Light (12 pcs Lamp beads)

Special Features: Gravity-Sensor Activated

Light Mode: High light and soft light (2 modes via transfer switch at the back)