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Wall Climbing Car

Do you want to look for a car that can climb on the ceiling, wall, window and still can running on the floor? Try this IR remote control wall climbing car! This climbing car is a full function car that climbs walls as if they are horizontal like floor! An onboard fan creates vacuum between the car and the surface, allowing it to “stick” on the surface and against gravity. Lower chassis of the climbing car ensures this climbing car easy to attach to the wall and capable for different short turn! With easy to operate and durable to play, it is really a wonderful present for your children. The wall driving Car is an utterly astonishing, gravity defying, it really climb up walls. The ultra lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan, lets you zip along walls and ceilings at full throttle, leaving regular floor racers in the dust. Features: Can be drove on any smooth surface, such as floors, windows, even ceilings. Forward and reverse, turn left/right, and stop wit